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Filmme Fatales issue #4



Issue #4 of Filmme Fatales features an interview with John Waters, musings on 1970s erotica, #realtalk about popstars' movie choices, a story about meeting Britney Spears, a self-care guide courtesy of David Lynch characters, a manifesto for Mia Farrow, DIY (f)arts and crafts, not one but TWO odes to the impact of The First Wives Club on the lives of gay men, and stacks more.

Featuring written contributions by Laura May Coope, Elizabeth Sankey, Sinead Stubbins, Anton De Ionno, Peter Taggart, Gemma Flynn, Katie Olsen, Adri Murguia, Kim Selling, Karys McEwen, Hannah Williamson, Scarlett Harris, Emily Stewart, Serene Reilly, Kate Loftus O'Brien, Abbey Bender and Dani Rossi.

This issue was dressed up and made to look real fancy with photographs by Noël Wells and artwork by Hattie Stewart, Meryl Rowin, Minna Gilligan, Chrissy Lau, Kat Phillimore, Emma Do, Anton De Ionno, Caitlin Hazell, Ruby Aitken, Tegan Iverson and Jessica Allen.