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Filmme Fatales issue #2


Issue #2 is that difficult sophomore album I never made because my guitar teacher was a weirdo who kept vintage telephones in his otherwise-empty house and I was told at 9 years old that girls couldn’t play the drums. “I’ll show them!” I said to no-one, as I set out to make the second issue of Filmme Fatales before the glitter had settled on the launch of issue #1.

Despite my total absence of musical ability, there’s nothing I love more than singing along to I Can Hear The Bells with Tracey Turnblad, imagining what Josie Alibrandi is listening to at any given moment, and ranking Courtney Love’s acting roles from “great” to “best”. Issue #2 is all about the heroines of musicals past, the iconic songs that remind us of slow-dances, and the actresses whose pipes aren’t appreciated.

In its 70-something pages, you’ll find a mashup of The Sound of Music x Sex and the City, lessons learned from Josie and the Pussycats, thoughts on Beyonce’s role in feminism, evidence of music’s importance to teenage girls in movies, and reasons to get behind Gwyneth Paltrow and Rizzo from Grease.

It features photography by Megan McIsaac and original artwork by Stephanie Hughes, Minna Gilligan, Claudia Herbreteau, Jessica Allen, Claire Kleinman and Amandine Thomas, as well as issue#1’s famed artists Kat Phillimore, Emma Do and Anton De Ionno.