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Filmme Fatales issue #5 is the magazine lovechild of Fern Mayo from Jawbreaker and Jane Craig from Broadcast News. The latest instalment of a quarterly zine about the places where film and feminism intersect, it's just undergone a vicious makeover and been known to cry at its desk.

This issue features:
- Rookie founder and editor-in-chief Tavi Gevinson, who has submitted her college application essay (which takes the form of an ode to her favourite boss in film)
- blogger and body acceptance advocate Gabi Gregg, writing about the cartoon villain who helped her to love her body
- Photographer and screenwriter Rose Lichter-Marck shot the stunning photographs that grace the cover and has contributed a personal and thought-provoking interview with her mother, entertainment lawyer Linda Lichter, about what it means to be listed as one of Hollywood's most powerful women
- Beyond Clueless director Charlie Lyne, offering his expert opinion on the best high school cliques in teen films
- original artwork by Derek Erdman, Minna Gilligan, Grace Lee and Hattie Stewart
- interviews with Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre, SXSW film head Janet Pierson and Desiree Akhavan, Appropriate Behavior director and star of the upcoming fourth season of HBO’s Girls.

All of this has been brought together by designer Jessica Njoo in a full-colour, 110-page magazine, published by The Good Copy and printed by Cassette in Melbourne, Australia.

Contributing writers:
Adri Murguia, Andrea Taylor, Anton De Ionno, Brodie Lancaster, Charlie Lyne, Gabi Gregg, Gemma Flynn, Karys McEwen, Katie Olsen, Kim Selling, Monika Zaleska, Rose Lichter- Marck, Ruth M McIver, Serene Reilly, Simran Hans, Sinead Stubbins, Sophie Kalagas, Talia Golland, Tavi Gevinson

Contributing artists:
Caitlin Hazell, Chrissy Lau, Derek Erdman, Emma Dajska, Emma Do, Esme Blegvad, Grace Lee, Hattie Stewart, Jessica Njoo, Kaitlyn Hickey, Kirsten Johnson, Meryl Rowin, Minna Gilligan, Ruby Aitken, Tegan Iverson